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Media Queries#155

The abiliity to make changes to the layout and styling based on the width of the viewport.

This should be a cascading effect. If a change is made to the page in the mobile width, it should not affect the larger widths (tablet, desktop)

10 months ago

Absolutely 100% agree. This is standard mobile development practice.

Wynne Pirini
9 months ago

This is too complex for a site-builder, some advanced ones have this but then then customer will become so confused by the interface and do errors that it’s impossible to explain. If you want or need to use mediaqueries, then you probably know html/css well enough to hand-write it in a code widget.

9 months ago

Check out how Landingi does it. Simple, intuitive. It works flawlessly.

Wynne Pirini
9 months ago

Landinghi does seem to have this covered. So, would this be doable team?

6 months ago