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Form emails need to reply to the person's email, not Contact @ 

Everytime I go to reply it goes to: [email protected] instead of the users email that was submitted in the form.

The form emails need to be de-labled too.

So no “On [DATE] [TIME] Simvoly wrote:” & also at the bottom where it has the little Simvoly link. It’s tacky. And also take out the View Message button since that’s irralavent anyways and the message is all contained inside the email itself.

Basically all I want to do is click reply and start talking to my customer / person who sent in the form. Please make it easy for us to do so.

Also when users upload a file, I’d rather not have to click and login to the simvoly platform just to download it. - Then it’s just a blank page after it’s downloaded so you have to go back to the actual website favorite to the editor page and screw around and make sure you’re logged out.

So it’s very time consuming with like 12 extra steps just to accomplish what should be a quick task. Please make this easier on us & streamline it.

2 months ago