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Ability to invite people / staff to view Store Sales ONLY - No editing#253 

We’re running a small marketplace type site. Most are our own products atm, but as we continue to grow I’m sure various people will be intested in using our e-store website for their prodcuts as well.

Currently if I invite them as an admin, the admin area gives them to much stuff to look at. A very simple “store sales” only portal would be great.

And if you could white label this section a bit that would be amazing! Mostly so we don’t have our customers asking what the heck Simvoly is. (These people arent interested in making their own websites anyways & I’d rather not divulge our secret weapon here. lol)

Also I’d really love it if we could only let certain admins view sales of a certain catagory of products. Ex: Their own couple products, or only the products they need to handle & take care of fulfilling. (Not the entire store sales)

At the moment the way it’s currently setup, they are also able to edit / delete any and all products & change all the settings around - which they do not need access to that stuff.

In this case, I need a admin setting where they can only view select product sales.

2 months ago